About Us

 Simply put, Veranda 804 was born from a love of helping women feel beautiful and confident. Our goal is to find unique and exclusive styles at affordable prices for women of all walks of life. At the end of the day through fashion we hope to form lifelong friendships.
A little about us…
As we both put our Aviators on and walked hand in hand down the aisle to “Danger Zone,” I am pretty sure neither of us imagined that two years later we would be starting our own boutique. Yet, here we are!  Life is all about bending with those curves in the road and we are exited to see where this road may lead us.
When the idea of creating our own boutique came up in conversation one of us was reserved and the other was all about it!  As the time passed and the idea grew, our boutique began taking shape.  We had tons of ideas, some more interesting than others, but yet we needed to name this beast!
Lots of ideas were a brewing!  Different fruits, awkward roads, crooked rivers, foods that don't belong on a road, lots of booze and fabrics that shouldn't be paired with fruits.  After about a gazillion years we realized that someone's childhood memories and both of our hometowns were going to drive the train.
Thus Veranda 804 was born. Candace was really the driving force behind "Veranda". Over the past year she has been blessed with an amazing community of women. She describes her vision behind Veranda best, "when I think of these amazing women I picture welcoming them onto my big southern Veranda chatting and laughing. Talking about who is wearing what on their date this weekend, the outfit their co-workers just couldn’t stop raving about and that insanely soft and comfortable sweater that is perfect for a glass of wine and good book. I want these women, my friends, to experience southern hospitality, fashion and friendships all wrapped in one brilliant package." Plus, I have very fond memories of dreaming big as a little girl on my Grandmother's Veranda at Hollyfield Manor. Many of the pictures you see on the site were taken there.
Now how about the 804? In the 11,000 square miles of the 804 you will come across cowboy boots, high heels, dirty jeans, seersucker suits, rolling farm hills and downtown streets. This mixing bowl of culture is the inspiration behind the many styles you will see here at Veranda 804. Not to mention we both call the 804 home.
While writing this we have argued about cupcakes, movies, the dogs are barking and running a muck and someone keeps hitting delete.  It may come as a shock but Candace was the reserved one in the beginning and Robert was the spark.  In the end the two of us are together in sharing with you a window into our fashion, funky adventure.  We don't just have customers here, we are all family.
- With lots of Love
Candace, Robert, Whiskey and Tango